Asics GT-2000 vs GT-1000

Asics GT-2000 Short Review

Asics GT 2000 300x187 Asics GT 2000 vs GT 1000

Asics GT-2000

Asics GT-2000 Running Shoe comes with various vibrant attractive colors for you to purchase. It offers you a comfortable, stable feel throughout your run. If you feel “lazy” to run on your weekend, I assure that you will have great feeling when you grab this shoes on your running. These shoes also comes light as a feather, but really tough on concrete. They are also comfortable to wear, even though it’s impossible for you to wear them to work. By wearing these shoes, you will definitely look forward to your own exercise time a little more now.

Other than that, Asics GT-2000 has GEL cushion on all side of the shoe. It will absorb shock, while the midsole Trusstic system will maintain the shoe’s structural integrity. Therefore, those women who like to run will have it really comfortable to wear them. Besides being entirely covered by GEL cushioning, these shoes also features the Impact Guidance System to improve your natural stride. For a personalized, comfortable fit, the running shoe is designed with two layers of memory foam in the collar. Read Asics GT-2000 Customers’ Reviews… 

Asics GT-1000 Short Review

Asics GT 1000 300x225 Asics GT 2000 vs GT 1000

Asics GT-1000

Asics GT-1000 Running Shoe comes also with various shiny bright attractive colors for you to buy. These shoes comes awesome, with excellent stability and perfect for your arch. Even it’s covered with cushioning all over the sides, the shoes is really light for you to wear on your exercise. They did feel a bit stiff at first, but it only took a few short runs to break them in and later adjust. Being good as women’s wear for mini marathon, the shoes have also proven to be a great choice for long-distances runs. It’s perfect for both of them.

Other than that, the shoes have great arch support, letting your knees feet better after wearing them for while. You are also able to feel the difference in your gait with these shoes. The heels are also well-cushioned, therefore walking on a really-hard surface is less jarring. Those who doesn’t like too-many stripes on their shoes might consider these shoes really attractive since the stripey bits on the side aren’t as obvious in reality, which is also good thing. Read Asics GT-1000 Customers’ Reviews…

Asics GT-2000 vs GT-1000 Comparison Table

Asics GT-2000 
Asics GT-1000
Colors available 8 5
Material Synthetic and Mesh Synthetic and Mesh
DuoMax Support Solyte midsole Dual-density midsole
GEL Cushioning Heel and forefoot Rearfoot and forefoot
Shaft Measures 4.25″ from arch 5″ from arch
DuraSponge Outsole YES YES
Weight 8.2 ounces 9 ounces
Check Best Price Check Best Price

Asics GT-2000 vs GT-1000 Key Difference

The key difference between these running shoes, the Asics GT-2000 and Asics GT-1000 is the slight differences in the choice of color. Asics GT-2000 has win at least 8 colors of choice over the Asics GT-1000 which only has 5 choices of color. Therefore, for women who really like to wear various color of shoes, GT-2000 offer you more colors than the GT-1000. Other than colors, the main difference between these shoes is its their GEL cushioning covered them. On GT-2000, it only covers on heel and forefoot, while the GT-1000 covers on rearfoot and forefoot, which means it covers most part of foot that will also make you feel more comfortable wearing it. Made of synthetic and mesh, both of these running shoes are durable to every season.

Asics GT-2000 vs GT-1000 Final Summary

Both of these running shoes, the Asics GT-2000 and Asics GT-1000 come from same brand. However, it seems that things differed them make the GT-1000 a lot better than the GT-2000, except for its color choices. As mentioned, both of these running shoes have similar function related to their durability. If you really want to buy a pair of running shoes, then either one of these shoes is the best for your. Both of them offer you various bright colors and similar durability for you to buy. Both of them will offer you great comfortable wearing for shoes. Order Now and Save Asics GT-2000 or Order Now and Save Asics GT-1000…

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